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  •  Tue, Jun 5 2018

    Tulsa is the luckiest city around. The weekend of August 10 will be filled with female a cappella music. Starting with August 10 will be the Shining Star Young Women in Harmony Festival. Young women from all over the region will be attending. There will be coaching from the 2018 International Champion Women’s Quartet – Lustre. Also attending will be the 2018 International Rising Star Champions – Adrenaline.

    The next day, August 11, Tulsa Metro Sound will be hosting Lustre & Adrenaline along with the Region 25 Champions - Couture and the Region 25 Youth Quartet Champions – Perpetual Sound.

    Be sure to put a bright red check mark on your calendar dated August 11. Tulsa Metro Sound Show chorus will present "The Show of Champions" beginning at 7:00 p.m.. Tickets will be available from chorus members or at the door.

    For more information, please call 918-352-6091

    John Knox Presbyterian Church, 2929 E 31st St, Tulsa. This venue is between Lewis & Harvard on the north side of 31st St.

  • It's a Girl Thing!
  •  Fri, May 12 2017
    It's a Girl Thing!
    The summer heat has hit and if you have a need for a cool outlet from the summer heat and humidity. . . Well then, Tulsa Metro Sound a cappella Show Chorus is the place to be. We are presenting an Open House on June 14 to give you a taste of our sweet musical chocolate. We meet at Christ Church Episcopal, 10901 S Yale Avenue, Tulsa at 6:15. So come prepared to sample our 4-part harmony sounds of women of ages - from 12 to 85.
    If you like what you see, we invite you to join us weekly and participate in our August show. Think of the thrill of singing in front of your friends and family! Wow! You will be part of our summer singing and we will gain a new friend for life.
    Hope to see you this Thursday! Give us a call 918.352.6091 – check out our website at – and our FaceBook page @ Tulsa Metro Sound.
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